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Zurjole Academy

Our Academy

CRAFTS are in danger of extinction, but as long as there is one person willing to pass on her or his knowledge, alongside another interested in receiving them, crafts will SURVIVE.

The figures of the Master and the Apprentice are still alive in Zurjole. Either for 2 hours a week or 4 hours a day, the people who come to Zurjole continue to learn trades with the aim of “know how” or with the idea of ​​making a living from it.

After a few years of growth as an Academy, we reached our adolescence with things very clear, we are here to transmit knowledge, to make people who want to learn have the possibility to do so, either because they find the teacher they were looking for or because they give with a site that provides the means for that transmission to occur.

Learning takes place through experience and this is how we also receive it. Once the knowledge of the wisest has been collected, we are able to synthesize it and give it back to the world.

Our goal is to change the world and our initiatives, whatever the field, this is what they pursue.

Our History

Our History

Abrimos las puertas de la Academia por primera vez el 5 de octubre. Octubre 2015

The Academy is born

We opened the doors for the first time on October 5th.

October 2015
Premiados en el Concurso de Escaparates de Navidad de San Sebastián Shops Diciembre 2015

Shop Window Contest

Awarded in the San Sebastián Shops Christmas Window Contest.

December 2015
Premio al mejor Artesano en la XXV Feria de Artesanía de Cascante, Navarra. Mayo 2016

Best Craftsman

Award to the best Craftsman at the XXV Craft Fair of Cascante, Navarra.

May 2016
Premiado en el Concurso de Escaparates de Navidad de San Sebastián Shops. Diciembre 2016

Shop Window Contest

Awarded in the San Sebastián Shops Christmas Window Contest. .

December 2016
Blog Balones de Madera. Daniel Lizarralde

Article about Daniel and the Zurjole Academy in "Wooden Balls" Blog.

September 2017
mejor pieza artesanal en la 39 Feria de Artesanía “Ereintza” del Pais Vasco

Best handicraft piece

Award for the best craft piece at the 39th “Ereintza” Craft Fair of the Basque Country.

October 2017
Articulo sobre Zurjole en la revista "Woodworking Crafts".

Woodworking Crafts

Article in the "Woodworking Crafts" magazine.

October 2017
Publicación del libro de texto de Vicens Vives con mención especial a la obra de Daniel Lizarralde

Editorial publication

Publication of the textbook by Vicens Vives with special mention to the work of Daniel Lizarralde.

February 2019
Fallece el gran ebanista Lorenzo Montesino

See you soon

We bid farewell to Lorenzo Montesino, a great friend and a magnificent furniture maker.

March 2019
Primera materialización del proyecto “SILLA DE RUEDAS DE BIPEDESTACION” Junio 2019


First prototype of the"BIPEDESTATION WHEELCHAIR” project.

June 2019
Finalistas en el Premio Nacional de Artesanía 2019

Finalists in the National Crafts Awards. Thanks to the Master Apprentice project that the Academy defends every day.

October 2019
Seguimos adelante

We go ahead

Covid-19 confinement. More than 30 people make the impossible possible. They save the Academy from a safe closure and we managed to open in October.

October 2020
Daniel, uno de los aprendices de la Academia, entra a trabajar en el Frontón Galarreta Jai-Alai como cestero de remonte.

Our students

Daniel, one of the Academy's apprentices, goes to work at the Fronton “Galarreta Jai-Alai” as a Remonte´s basketmaker.


Our students say

Our students say

The Academy inside

The Academy inside

We are ready, we have knowledge, and we have the tools to get you started.
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