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wood carving Zurjole Academy
Cursos para adultos

Wood Carving.

This course is prepared to transmit you the basic handling of gouges and the understanding of volume; It will help you internalize the basic knowledge to be able to design in 3D, to model in different materials such as plasticine or clay, and to sculpt in wood.

The goalis for you to be able to design a three-dimensional object, model it in 3D, and finally sculpt it out of wood.

You will learn to sculpt and analyze the volume, and you will have to know the wood wellto be able to cut it later.

After attending this course, you will learn basic tools and materials that allow you to draw and model.

Event details
October 2, 2023
09:00 - 11:00
Zurjole Academy
Organizer: Daniel Lizarralde
Gurutze Alde Etxealde, 12, bajo