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joinery course Zurjole Academy
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Joinery Course

Furniture Making is a specialisty of the Carpentry.

This course is prepared to transmit you the basic handling of tools for working with wood(drawing with a pencil, square, gramil; and cutting with a saw, chisel and brush). We will help you internalize the basic knowledge to be able to build structures with wood.

The handling of the tools will be practiced by making wooden assemblies formerly used as the box and the tenon, the dovetail, or the half-wood assembly; and learning to master some more recent and more practical for your most everyday use.

After attending this course, you will know the basic tools that exist to trace and cut wood manually and thus be able to build your own furniture.

Event details
October 2, 2023
09:00 - 11:00
Zurjole Academy
Organizer: Daniel Lizarralde
Gurutze Alde Etxealde, 12, bajo