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basket weaving course. Zurjole Academy
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Basketry Course

Basket Weaving is a very wide world in which to enter and we have to do it knowing which part we want to know.

There are many materials with which it can be woven and with each one a different technique is associated. There may be techniques that use different materials and materials that can be woven with different techniques.

At Zurjole, we propose to approach this immersion by approaching the rattan pith. This will allow us to achieve the necessary dexterity to develop the basketry technique that is also used when we weave wicker.

The course is prepared to transmit you the handling of rattan and the basket weaving techniques used with wicker. We will help you internalize the basic knowledge to be able to make baskets, rattles, balls, and any utensil made with wicker in ancient times.

After attending this course, you will know all the basket weaving techniques that exist and you will be aware of the great value of the trade that you are discovering.

Event details
October 2, 2023
09:00 - 11:00
Zurjole Academy
Organizer: Daniel Lizarralde
Gurutze Alde Etxealde, 12, bajo